Very often death comes suddenly and far from home. In such a moment, when unexpected plans related to the funeral must be prepared away from home, and the hearts of families are torn, it is difficult to talk about the costs of bringing the loved one from abroad. However this matter is just as important as the organization of the entire ceremony and to reduce those expenses, the best practice is to contact the company in the area where the ceremony and funeral will be organized - due to the relatively low costs and easier contact.

How does bringing a deceased person from abroad look like?

Permits and certificates

Many years of experience in organizing complex funeral services, as well as specialization in international transport of bodies was crowned on March 10, 2006 with the receipt of a permit number 06-75-234 for performing funeral services in France. Thanks to this, our company has the ability to provide services in the transport of bodies from all over Europe, including from France to Poland and from Poland to France without the need for engaging intermediaries, which results in a comprehensive service along contact with the deceased's closest family, an individual approach to the client and a significant costs reduction of the service provided. We have at our disposal two Mercedes Vito cars that have the required certificates and inspections in line with French standards and norms. We engage highly qualified employees who speak foreign languages: English, French and German, to simplify completing all formalities abroad.

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The Archon Wrocław Funeral Home provides professional funeral services throughout the country. The company has 11 locations in Wroclaw, as well as 2 branch offices near Wroclaw. First located in Jelcz-Laskowice and another one in Kiełczów, right next to the Parish Cemetery, where we have a funeral chapel and a morgue.

The Archon Wrocław Funeral Home also carries out international transport of the deceased. In the case of a sudden death of relatives abroad, a quick transport to the place of residence or burial turns out to be a serious formal and logistical problem. The company has many years of experience in conducting international transport of the deceased to Poland, not only from European countries but from all over the world. We also carry out embalming of deceased in our private morgue, which is required in many countries when transporting bodies abroad.

Our services include in particular comprehensive funeral service, export of bodies, cremations, embalming, a wide range of urns and coffins, luxurious funeral caravans and an original Austrian horse-drawn caravan, funeral wreaths and bouquets, funeral clothing and others.

Since 2015 the Archon Funeral Home cooperates with the Urban Social Welfare Centre and at USWC's request we make burials of deceased persons without any social benefits.

The Archon Funeral Home has also been cooperating with the Municipal Social Welfare Centers for many years and carrying out transport of deceased persons on Public Prosecutor's order.